Sprinkler Protection Service
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We want to make sure that everyone who enters an office building can work with the peace-of-mind that they are safe and secure. We examine the building structure to make sure that they systems that are in place or that we put in place provide the maximum protection for the optimum price. We carefully scrutinize budgets and schedules to ensure that everything and everyone is on track. Whether installing a new system, providing tenant improvements such as new walls or ceilings, fire sprinkler systems must never be overlooked.

Birch Corporate Center
20162 Birch Street
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Job Description:
Installed entire system for shell of building, plus one office build out.

National Oil Well Varco
743 N. Echoff Street
Orange, CA 92868


Job Description:
Seismic upgrade of the existing system per FM global requirements.